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I apologize if it was my words you were reacting to as it sounds like something I might have said. What you described as the other person's writing sounds right out of the book "Brain Over Binge". I'm a recovering bulimic and alcoholic. I went through therapists, AA, treatments of all sort, and self help books but nothing helped me like the book Brain Over Binge. Identifying bulimia and alcoholism as habits rather than as diseases and differentiating between the upper and lower brains was tremendously helpful in my struggle. I have seriously not had a drink or a binge since reading the book and adopting the methods that she describes, and yes I would have considered myself a hopeless case in the past. Everyone's recovery is individual, and some methods work better for others. You should see people's posts and advice here as simply stories from their own experiences which don't necessarily apply to everyone. We're all here to try and help each other and learn.
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