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Originally Posted by drd1961 View Post
They ARE fickle. The dress in the picture is an 8, and then some of my 6's are lose. I also pack a lot of muscle on this body and always have. One comment I got Saturday night from people who have not seen me is, oh, I never thought of you as being that overweight. It is because I am solid.
I hope to be headed that way as well! I started working out regularly not long ago in the hopes of adding some muscle tone. When I am finished with P1 and head into maintenance I don't just want to be slim - I want to be fit too!

Originally Posted by 65X65 View Post
Thanks..0ojoyo0 and lighthouse.
There are a lot who ask and wonder about maintaining and how many do... I've been successful for nearly 6 months now...(which is only the tip of the iceberg)...but thought that posting a snap shot selfie may give encouragement to those who wonder if it is worth it, and possible.

There are some of us on the maintainers thread who share a lot about what we are doing and thinking. The important thing to keep in mind is maintenance does not just take off and sustain by itself ..but is very much a worthwhile effort. Reading posts from forum members who are "not there yet" helps me remember the hard work...and not get complacent. Maintaining is never going to be an autopilot function for most of us. So we all help each other...for a long long time. It's really never over.
Thanks so much for your wise and inspiring posts! I am grateful that you and others who have completed the P1 part of the journey still check back in to give the rest of us a boost. Just as our posts may keep you from complacence, yours give us motivation to keep going for the long haul and know that our work will not be finished once we reach maintenance.

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