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Originally Posted by Hawaii69 View Post
I am now back from my week long holiday to Mexico. It was wonderful and the weather was amazing.
Welcome back - glad you had a good time.

Originally Posted by vachinyc View Post
Ha! At least they noticed you look great

For better or worse, a lot of our family gatherings revolve around food... And I'll admit I'm as big a driver of that as anyone. My mom, who I lost about 5 1/2 years ago, definitely cooked a lot and expressed love through food. So we tend to follow that same path. And my Dad almost demands it. However, I think the siblings and I are trying, ever so slowly, to make things more healthy and also to focus less on the food. I don't want my nieces and nephews to 'learn' that it's all about the food.

"Food" for thought
Yeah, they were good about noticing and then telling me all the reasons they couldn't lose weight or couldn't do what I'm doing. I'll admit to being less than kind to one person - actually told her "well, stay fat then" - oops!

I have noticed that some members of my generation (I have an incredibly large family) have really tried to take the focus off of food and do healthier versions of what is available. More fruits and vegetables, less fried, sugar, etc. The sister I live closest to loves getting ideas and recipes from me since she has always focused on feeding her family as healthy as possible without them feeling deprived of anything. She loved the cauliflower rice and her family now actually asks for it.

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