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Originally Posted by perezjess View Post
My 1st weigh on Wednesday, I lost 7 lbs, was feeling great. But yesterday I couldn't resist and ate 2 slices of thin pepperoni pizza, this morning my personal scale says I gained 3 lbs. How is that possible? Did I totally mess up?
Just get 100 % back OP asap. Most likely your weight gain is water. Also your scale may not read exactly the same as your clinic's. The cheat might slow your fat loss for the week but it won't make you gain three pounds of fat.

The biggest issue with cheating is whether it will lead to the slippery slope of wanting to do it again, and then again. Whatever happens with the scale now, put it behind you and focus on staying 100% OP going forward. Don't beat yourself up. If possible, try to make it easier not to cheat, even if you have to avoid some social occasions for a while--it's temporary.

One other suggestion: I was much happier if I just weighed once a week with my coach. Stepping on the scale frequently in P1 tends to give a distorted picture of your progress. Hide the scale and save it for maintenance. Instead, focus on your new reflection in the mirror and smaller sized clothes--those things will happen amazingly fast if you stay OP.
Good Luck!

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