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Originally Posted by LisaAnn View Post
Hi everyone - I'm a little frustrated with my IP clinic. I'm not sure if I'm just being nitpicky or what - but none of the coaches know what's going on half the time. They are all part-time employees. There are 4 different people there and none of them make the same measurements and give conflicting guidance on the program.
It's almost like social hour there - they talk about everything under the sun - when I want in and out and to obtain professional advice. All four of them have been off and on the program multiple times and can't seem to stay on it or maintain their weight loss goals.
I've come to realize I will have to get my food there and my information elsewhere.
Just a little disappointed.
I feel somewhat similarly about my clinic. I like the two coaches there, but they give the bare minimum information and I always feel so rushed there! When I do ask a question I get very brusque seemingly uncertain responses. Nothing is ever answered in a definitive way. And much of the responses are "yeah, that'll happen." and nothing else. It's frustrating. I feel a good coach could make a huge difference. I'm trying to stay on plan exactly as it is written so I don't succumb to any misinformation of theirs. This forum is a great help too.

The first week they didn't measure me cause she said there isn't normally a big loss and they like to wait for the second week. Then when I came in yesterday she was rushing me out of there, and I had to ask to be measured. She wrote them down so quickly and mentioned a few losses, but I don't know what the total was! Frustrating!

And to the lady who said she's been wearing only sweatpants and sweatshirts- same here!!! I am trying not to wear regular clothes at all, don't want to be discouraged or feel bad, and hoping for some sort of noticeable difference when I do have to put them on.

Thanks for the support and inspiration as always guys.
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