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thank you ladies. I am okay. Still trying to digest the full extent of how this will forever effect my life, but it is not a death sentence per say. I just have to take my extreme activity and well, slow it WAY WAY down. And here I had thought I had over come that part.

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(((Zoesmom))) That just breaks my heart. I had read you almost lost your life due to an illness (I believe) in the past. I hope it's not the same type thing. Please know we are here for you. If you ever need anyone to talk to, send me a message and we can chat by e-mail or phone. I will be praying for you. <3
MissMollyM - You are correct. August 2012 I was hospitalized. My child, who was 3 at the time, had found me passed out, I call it a semi coma, and tried for I have no clue how long to wake me. By the time she managed to get me semi alert, she had managed to take her 42 pounds and pull my 293 pounds out of the bed and onto the floor and was screaming and beating on me begging me to wake up. She was obviously very distressed and to this day, gets VERY scared if I she sees me asleep and runs and gets her dad. Anyways, I had an O2 saturation level of 42. I later found out that corpses go to the morgue with higher O2 sat levels and all of the doctors and nurses I spoke with were amazed I was awake and able to communicate. Frankly, I don't remember much of that day. I was placed in ICU for three days and was on the super duper breathing machine. I stayed in the hospital for close to two weeks and was on an O2 tank for two months after my release. My doctors told me then to file disability and told me I would forever be on that O2 tank. I decided I controlled my fate and step by step found how to get off that O2 tank and move. Whereas I would pass out moving from my bed to my couch, I slowly managed to build up to running 2-3 miles most days and 5-6 on some. I added in hardcore strength training and was lifting heavy, starting off at a meager 5 pounds and getting to 40. Benching 15 and getting to 90. I proved them all wrong.

And..that might not have been a good idea. I still get sick a lot. I still black out. I still have breathing issues. I still get dizzy. And this recent diagnosis of HOCM pretty much sums it all up as to why. I am damn lucky I didn't send myself into cardiac arrest as I was trying to prove them all wrong. Here I thought exercise was the best thing I could do for myself. Come to find out, not only was it not, it could have been lethal.

so, MRI, holster, and stress test next week to determine full extent of my ailment. I am an asthmatic, so medications might not be the route I can take since Beat-Blockers don't play nice with asthma I may be looking at heart surgery in the next month or two.

The joys of being 30. Momma never said it would be like this.

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