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tdi princess - welcome welcome!! Come join the weight loss fun.

Diamond Girl - That's right, triple dog dare. I think I watched a Christmas Story one too many times over the holidays. See, u just bought that new scale and you're almost back done to where you were! Shoveling seems to have been a big calorie destroyer for you, but I don't want you to fall over dead. Employ child labor. Anyone over 2 is fair game :-P

toobig - hang on. my scale just jumped a couple weeks ago, but a week of water and vey careful calorie counting will usually yield results. My scale jumps around period time or when I'm eating too much salt. #waterweightsucks

OK, so my weight in today…158! Exactly like I thought, but I think I'll be 156 by next week if I stay on plan and here's why. I am also a serial weigher, and last night pre-thai, drinks, and going out I weighed 156.8! I haven't seen that number in a while. If I eat smart and continue to work out, I think 156 is a distinct possibility next week. Fingers crossed. FitPal daily recorder ready and waiting.

Life is , just keep .

New Goals: 152
One carrot for every 5 lbs lost:
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