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Originally Posted by coffeebean View Post
Good morning. For some reason yesterday with the cold and snow I wanted to blow my diet and eat junk. I am proud to say I managed to ignore all my cravings and stayed 100% on plan. I feel so much better today for that decision. For me it is being stuck inside. I keep thinking of all the cute spring clothes I will be able to wear if I stick to the plan.
You know that thing Lisa talks about a lot...PLANNING? If you live in the snow belt..
Keep somethings in the freezer to pull out and make bone broth on those cold miserable-need to shovel 2 or more-X-days... It will make you feel better making the broth, and you can have it with your salad at dinner.

Add your veggies and puree your portion of the broth for dinner and have some chicken breast on your salad. You can also reorganize your cabinets, kitchen drawers and pantry while it's simmering...keeping you distracted and your hands busy. We always have a cabinet, a closet on the first floor and/or several drawers that can be will be time for dinner and the news or a good DVR before you know it! Take a hot-hot bath and sit and soak with a cup of herbal tea as an apertif! Get in your jammies first...the roads are way to slick...again to go anywhere anyhow just yet.....and you are settled for the evening.

Might not work for everyone... but it does for me, and my husband loves it because he knows if it means he gets homemade soup for dinner!! He get's wild rice or quinoa in his....and I'm OK with not having that.
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