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Default Well done!

Originally Posted by IPMaryD View Post
Hi IP people,

Day 6 and I am ready to find out how I am doing! I have been avoiding real clothes in favor of sweat pants and hooded sweatshirts in the freezing weather. Tonight DH and I went to Morton's Steakhouse for dinner. I wanted about everything on the menu but stuck to a grilled plain 6oz fillet, two grilled shrimp Also a dressing-less salad and plain steamed asparagus. I was happy with the meal and left satisfied but longing for something sweet. I ate a lemon wafer and I have been guzzling the water. Tomorrow I am going to make potato rolls... and try the broccoli and cheese soup packet over roasted broccoli. Thanks for reading and giving me a place to share! I am going to make this change in my life!
Mary - being new on the program, you have many more experiences like this in front of you and you handled it very well. As time went on, I began to sort of have fun in restaurants making as many choices as I could to stay on the program - I made it sort of like a game. How many different ways can you ask for what is on the menu, modified or not, to stay on!

It does get easier. The information gets engraved on your mind andyou sort of go on autopilot after a bit.

The sweet desire is one that I fight constantly. Last week, someone posted about Bubbie's pickles and I finally found them. I discovered that one of those massive pickles cleans every taste out of my mouth and system! They are pickles like you have never had before and they wipe the desire for sweet right out.

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