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Hi turtles,
Shay, glad you are feeling better. Yes, this top bloat will go away now that your body is back to normal. Weigh to go for chiming in!!!

Bandit, are you having the best time with your new little grandson? I am so happy for you.

My newest (and I think last) grandchild is so sweet. She is nine months old and just a wonder. So cute and playful.

We've got lots going on here and for the first time all this chaos has lessened my appetite rather than increasing it. I lost weight last week and it looks like I have lost another pound this week. I'll have to work to keep it off by my WI on Wed. By the way, I called Jenny Craig lately and they were nice enough to share my weight loss history with them.. I got down to 182# with them, but then I started yo yoing with them and quit. At that point in 2012 I was going to WW's for friendship and Jenny Craig to lose weight since counting points plus wasn't quite enough for me. It worked for awhile, but I did gain it all back. Now I really have short term goals for myself and I'm working at this.

Sending good vibes to all the turtles. Really pretty cold here!
Wishing us all the best. Onward and downward for us all! :

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