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Originally Posted by DRegan View Post
I put slices of lemon and limes in my water. Gave up the Mio last summer.
Also enjoy herbal teas, especially this cold winter!!!
I still have a few pieces of orbit gum a day which I'm trying to stop! Hard though!
I am like 90+% following paleo for my maintenance! working really good for me, just gotta have my gum, urrgh! Lol!!! Red wine here and there too,
But skip my fruit on those days, keeps the sugar/carbs down.
Step by step, one day at a time!

You can do it!!

Thanks for the very helpful suggestions and encouragement, D! Today was the first Saturday since starting P4 in Sept that wasn't an over-the-top fun day. I indulged some, but it was all healthy -- extra Whey protein shake, extra veggie stuffed tofu wraps & chicken.

I'm curious to know why you would think of giving up gum? it sounds like you are maintaining really well.
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