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Originally Posted by finale View Post
Ok I'm sorry but I need to vent somewhere and you guys are always really good about just reading and helping when you can. My husbands family was doing a dinner for a member of the family and they all wanted to go Thursday night and my husband and I had plans....I went to spanked and he watched my friends kids....While today his brother called due to the two of them going to a movie today or tonight and his brother says his brother is in town due to plans cancelled so they were wondering if we could all go to dinner tonight. That sounds great, so he was checking with his mother....Then he says that everyone went out on Thursday but us anyway....This triggers something in me and it just makes me mad and hurt. This is something my family is good for and I hate being left out....It's my hang up and no one else's///I am trying so hard to become a healthier less agitated person....I don't know how to get over the feeling of hurt and being left out. My husband never gets irritated or hurt by anything and I wish I was more like him. I said what is the point of going to dinner tonight when they already went.....I think its stupid....My poor poor husband can't understand why I am so hurt and this is my issue no one else's.....I am trying so hard to change this part of myself but I am still stuck and need help.
I am someone that is use to my family doing this to me, and it really hit a spot with me and I dont know how to not react this way.....Help if you can.....
Actually it sounds as though they WANT to see you...!! And the problem was you already had plans?? If I am understanding... There was no reason for all the rest of them NOT to get together ...Just because you were unable to go does not mean they should have done nothing that night. Look at it this way...that brother is willing to give 2 nights to try to see the whole family on this trip. If there was no chance you would have gotten to have a second chance at a get together...would you have been OK with that??? I come from a huge family...and trying to get 1 night that works for everyone is RARELY possible. I'm not sure we could find a second night that works any better than another in our family....and some times we have to do smaller groups to see everyone.Take what you can is too short!!!

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