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Hi everyone

I would like to say hello and join this thread.

My bf and I are starting the 5:2 on Monday, it'll be our first fasting day. We both work from home, and find that we kind of influence each other badly when it comes to eating. I usually count calories, but if he has a snack, I give in and have one with him, and vice versa. Even though I go to the gym, I seem to be endlessly snacking these days and I'm sure that's why I regained the 3 pounds I lost a few weeks back, it's frustrating. I know the typical recommendation is always "don't skip breakfast!"...but if I eat breakfast, and lunch, then I can't stop eating the rest of the day! If we don't have breakfast, that desire to eat doesn't kick in until we're famished, so I think that the 2 days of 500 calorie fasting will be good for us and not too difficult.

We both talked about our former lives working in restaurants, where basically we ate once a day because it was free at work. We were both in much better shape and lower weights back then. We love our bar though, so we'll have to make sure to cut that out on the fasting days and cut it down on the other days. I have 15 pounds I want to lose and he has about 11.

I've been reading through this thread and also found Dr. Mosley's book online, I'll be reading that tomorrow. I'm glad to see there are many others here following this eating plan! I look forward to being involved in having support and supporting others!
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