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Since your surgeries are orthopedic, LOTS of people have had success with being on IP pre/post OP. Your temptation to prep foods ahead-of-time is spot-on! You'll be all set with everything you need. Contrary to popular beliefs we don't need fruit, dairy or grains to survive and MDs know very little about nutrition so really aren't our best go-tos on that front. The 3 main dietary components protein, fat, carbs, are all contained in IP. What you may end up needing is an extra packet while you're healing. I KNOW we've had others who have had orthopedic surgeries. Hopefully they'll chime in with their experience. One gal had knee replacement and just kept-on losing

With utmost respect, I would have to disagree with the premise that 'since it's orthopedic', and since 'lots of people have had success' is a reliable way to predict success for any one person with a specific surgery.

Wound healing is a complex & labor-intensive cellular process. Different surgeries have different inherent risks to healing. For instance, a joint replacement is different than a ligament reconstruction that might involve tissue grafting, to name just one. As I've read on this forum, restrictive dieting can have unexpected side effects, even dramatic hair loss as I've experienced (temporary!). And each person might have different risk factors that can complicate healing, such as history of smoking or diabetes and so on.

That is why I would run it past my surgeon. They certainly aren't experts on nutrition but they are well-versed in what helps or hinders surgical healing for the operations they do, at least the well-trained ones. I guess we can agree to disagree

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