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Originally Posted by shr1nk1ngme View Post

gained all this weight eating too many beans. Yes, beans. Even carbohydrate from BEANS makes me fat. I have to really watch my carbs. Every single person is different, depending on their insulin response and their bodies' efficiency at making fat cells.

I am not a diabetic but at my last doctor's visit my blood sugar was 99. This raised the alarm for me, as anything 100+ is defined as type 2 diabetes. So I went back on low-carb, started exercising again, and I purchased a glucose/ketone monitor. I test myself every few days to see how I'm doing; my fasting glucose is back down to 85 (perfect) and my ketones hover around 1.6. The ketones are a bit low for someone on a low-carb diet; I had been hoping for something closer to 2.0-2.5 but no matter how few carbs I eat I can't seem to get more ketosis. My liver must be very, very good at producing glycogen. Which means I have to be careful about overeating protein (always an issue with low-carb) because even protein can be converted to sugar, and then to fat, if I eat too much of it. And it also means that if I under-eat, my body will happily and efficiently cannibalize its own muscle tissue. It's a fine balance, this weight-loss thing. For me, anyway.
shr1nk1ngme, thanks for the info, you are a wealth of information
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