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Atarimae Woah I just noticed you're location says Hawaii? That's so cool! And I'm totally jealous I'm sure you look lovely in your new tops and that your cousin will agree as well. Its always fun to see those lighter numbers haha I know my parents scale weighs me lighter too. In fact most people's scales tend to weigh me in lighter then my own. But I have this thing where I can only trust my own So did you have another good weigh in today?

dehtripper, how's your weekend going?

So scale is still coming down! Still can't believe how it jumped so much after that tiny bit of gluten :/ I was thinking about food allergies/sensitivities last night and realized that my great-grandmother had weird food allergies, my brother does, my mom does and who knows who else does....its just that most the people in my family with food allergies ignore them and eat the stuff even though it bothers them anyways. Hmmm. Today going to do some walking at the botanical gardens. Got a pedometer app and couldn't believe how little walking I did yesterday!!!! It was a non school day and I didn't need to go to the store or anything so yeah, it was pretty pathetic. I'm really going to try and get more active and log more steps today
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