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Good morning, ladies! A warm 29 degrees this afternoon.

We had 2 inches of snow Tuesday night and temps down to single digits at night and 15-20 degrees for 3 days. School was closed for we have no snow removal equipment to speak of - just enough to keep I-64, I-664, SR 143 and SR 60 clear. The snow hasn't melted at all in my backyard (north facing) but is all gone in the front and on my street (south). The air is so dry it makes me have a hard time breathing so I'm using a lot of saline and sitting in the bathroom with the shower on HOT to steam. My humidifier is working overtime for sure. I haven't been out of the house since Tuesday and won't go out until Monday when I go to the Y.

Faye, I am so happy you don't need further surgery. It's a shame you can't move out of that condo since it needs so many repairs. It's good Jack can do some of them. It's so expensive to get repairs done.

Jean, Maybe it's time to get a new beautician. My hair is thick and straight as a stick. A curling iron doesn't work so I just keep it short.

Maggie, sorry about the computer problems. I run Windows 8, download every update and have never had a problem. We run it at work as well and we all like it. I'm surprised your computer didn't come with free Windows 7 downgrade if you wanted it. Mine did. I'd love to travel the US but will have to live vicariously through you and Will.

Have a wonderful day.

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