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Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and it's a cold 10 degrees outside. We are supposed to get some snow sometime this weekend but the weatherman admits he isn't sure how much because of the wind pattern. I have a load of laundry in the washer and the dishwasher is humming away, otherwise it's been a lazy morning. I'm hunting for a recipe and figure I put it away in a different category when I was in a hurry. That is my afternoon project!

I need to check my birthday list and write out the envelopes for next week. I've added an extra day for delivery if I put them out in my mailbox because I never know what time the mailman will come. The mail truck leaves Storm Lake at 3:30 and heads for Des Moines where they sort the mail and bring the Storm Lake mail back here to be delivered the next day. No wonder the USPS is losing money!

"Gma" -- When you talk about the bulkhead project I think of a ship. Isn't there a bulkhead on a ship? When there is something I want to be sure and remember I put a sticky note on the kitchen cabinet door where we take our meds. If I'm really spooked about forgetting I tape a bigger piece of paper on the door leading out to the garage figuring I will be going through there to get to the car. Of course I've been known to forget things on my list and will have the list right in my hand. My perm was $53 this time, up from $50 three months ago. I must say it looks better this morning after I rinsed it in the shower this morning.

Maggie -- I hope you get your computer back and set up the way you want it. I would be a wreck trying to do that myself. I really appreciate our store here in town, and the fact they can fix simple things without my having to take the computer in. You are so organized I'm sure you will every detail in shape and things set to go by the time you want to leave Kansas.

I need to check the leftovers for lunch and get them in the oven. Hope you all enjoy a relaxing day.
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