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S/C/G: HW/220~SW/197.2~GW 141

Height: 5'3


Gary, How are you feeling this morning?

Jacqui, I think the chemicals and stuff that they are using to enhance the food is definitely what is causing most of the issues that people have. That and the fact that eveything is more convenient then it use to be so makes for laziness.

TwoTots, she will for sure. My Mom is super super thin. So in her eyes just about everyone is overweight. I shouldn't have said anything. I should have just let her come down and see if she noticed. Which she probably wouldn't have, then I would have been disappointed. But her husband would have paid compliment he always notices even before my husband comments (weird). Wow you are on a roll with the foods for the week good for you I have to pick and choose this week so I've got to be careful for good decisions here

Missy, couldn't find one that read Fitness Whey Protein, but did find that Walmart has a Whey Isolate protein powder for $22 … I may buy that on pay day and my son can use the other one. He doesn't care about carbs Pure Protein is also $22 at Walmart so I'll check for that one also and compare the ingredients. Thanks

Pamela, it is definitely water, don't let it deter you or get you down I was reading in the 4-Hour Body to eat a good slow carb breakfast on cheat day and then enjoy lunch and dinner. That's a thought I feel like I had a cheat breakfast. I had 2 eggs cooked in spray butter and a ⅓ of a Jenny O turkey sausage pattie (I made) I can't eat 4oz of sausage and two eggs, that's a lot, whew Pamela it's great that your family will be all together today, what a blessing .

OK regarding 30DS … I did a total of 23 jumping jacks and the warm up exercises with Jillian then I was done. I remembered why I never committed to doing 30DS. I can't do jumping jacks and push ups back to back with those squats and weights my knees hurt. I do however want to get in the habit of doing jumping jacks for some reason. My daughter and I did Just Dance 2 and I entered it into MFP as 30 minutes of dancing and earned 173 calories so I'll take it. I broke a sweat for sure and the heart rate was up since I am definitely not a dancer

This mornings weigh in 169.6 down .4. I'm feeling good about my mini workout last night, and I had fun. When I'd get winded my daughter would say, Don't stop, keep going! She's so cute

Week 4 of 5

01/22 ~ 169.8 (-0.8)
01/23 ~ 170.4 (+0.6)
01/24 ~ 170.0 (-0.4)
01/25 ~ 169.6 (-0.4)
01/26 ~
01/27 ~
01/28 ~

total loss for the week

12/08 weight 178.2
12/27 weight 180.4
01/08 weight 173.4
01/27 weight ???.?

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