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I have big issues with SAD, both before & after weight loss. I use a SAD light recommended by a good friend who did extensive research. The results are subtle but if I skip it, I am really low-spirited. It's most effective when begun early in the season, maybe late August depending on where you live. I use it first thing in the morning, 30 minutes/day while reading 3FC. Make sure to follow the directions to avoid strained or reddened eyes.

Lightphoria 10,000LUX Energy Light Lamp

It's on amazon, with price currently jacked up to 69.99. Wait until summer and it should be 20-30.00. It's too late to be effective this season.

If I had more room and budget, I would get the desk lamp from Sunbox. I tried it out and the effect was more noticeable for me. But it's bulky and 250.00.

There are many websites with tables that show how much daylight adds each day after the winter solstice. I live for this progression to longer days, even more than WIs!
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