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Sorry I missed your post yesterday & thanks for trying to reach out again!
You're right, it's only forever if you stick with healthy habits.

To avoid those over indulgences, I suggest making a plan for the day, either the night before or first thing, before you consume anything. I prefer the day before because then I ensure I go have everything I need for success.

Since your surgeries are orthopedic, LOTS of people have had success with being on IP pre/post OP. Your temptation to prep foods ahead-of-time is spot-on! You'll be all set with everything you need. Contrary to popular beliefs we don't need fruit, dairy or grains to survive and MDs know very little about nutrition so really aren't our best go-tos on that front. The 3 main dietary components protein, fat, carbs, are all contained in IP. What you may end up needing is an extra packet while you're healing. I KNOW we've had others who have had orthopedic surgeries. Hopefully they'll chime in with their experience. One gal had knee replacement and just kept-on losing

Use whichever products work best for you. Items from Nashua give you more options but if items readily available in stores work better for you, then do that. We all find that WL slows over time. That is normal. But it can/will slow more if we are not diligent in remaining 100% stuck to the P1 sheet. Little cheats can become bigger before we know it!
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