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Originally Posted by FutureFitChick View Post
Hi, IPers!

mars783, thanks for the encouragement to talk with my surgeon. I will put some thought in to what I should ask him.

SarahJ86, you make a great point about the hunger induced from medications. That is also something to think about.
FutureFitChick - I meant to respond to you yesterday and then some "stuff" got in the way (that's life!).

Of course talk to your surgeon, but when I had surgeries last year my surgeon was fine with me staying OP but thought it was a good idea to up my protein just before and after surgery. I had a large hernia, so the surgery was a little different than yours. I was also on a very low fiber diet until things got straightened out and that limited the veggies I could have so, although I was getting 4 cups in, they weren't the most satisfying as far as hunger goes.

So we added an extra unrestricted pack a few days before surgery and then afterwards, when I didn't feel like eating much, the packets were a godsend because they were easy to get down and still kept my protein up. The first couple of days post-surgery I think all I had was 4 packets a day. Protein is very important when you're healing. I even took packets to the hospital with me - so instead of crackers after surgery I took either white cheddar ridges or S&V crisps (I can't remember). Pudding and drinks I could have cold were good too since my throat was sore.

Best of luck with your surgery and do whatever your doctor recommends - IP will still be here when you are done and we'll be here to cheer you on!

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