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[QUOTE=FutureFitChick;4927830]Hi, IPers!

I hope you are all having a great morning! I was able to get up early, which felt great.

Thanks to SarahJ86 and mars783 for your responses. It gets frustrating to post in this forum and not have a response. Is that because I am using Alternatives? Should I be posting my "Daily" posts to another thread?

mars783, thanks for the encouragement to talk with my surgeon. I will put some thought in to what I should ask him.

You're welcome, FutureFit Chick! My experience with surgeons is that they don't have expertise in nutrition but may just know that it is or isn't good idea to restrict calories, fats, carbs. I've done a few diet plans over the years, e.g. WeightWatchers, Jenny Craig, and they always had a bigger food allotment for people who were recovering from surgery.

Speedy recovery to you and hope you'll keep us posted!

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