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Originally Posted by FutureFitChick View Post
Hi, IPers!

I hope you are all having a great morning! I was able to get up early, which felt great.

Thanks to SarahJ86 and mars783 for your responses. It gets frustrating to post in this forum and not have a response. Is that because I am using Alternatives? Should I be posting my "Daily" posts to another thread?

mars783, thanks for the encouragement to talk with my surgeon. I will put some thought in to what I should ask him.

SarahJ86, you make a great point about the hunger induced from medications. That is also something to think about.

Finale, I love your attitude. Thanks for your post about your exercise working well for you. What a great result from talking to the strangers at Ruby Tuesday. I am not sure I would have put the right spin on the situation like you did. That is awesome!

44Forever, wow! That is a terrific loss! I am really happy for you and your progress over the holiday season.

NO! This is the exact right place to post. Daily Chat is for ALL people following the IP way of eating whether they use IP products or Alternative to IP products.

Sometimes, especially when there are a lot of posts quickly, people may not see a post (some read all posts, some just skim). Don't be discouraged if you don't get a response.

I just went back and found your post from yesterday. I didn't really see anything specific that needed a response... I mean that you did not ask a question or request an opinion. So I am not sure what "response" you were hoping for. If you do need some specific info or have a question, maybe post that separately so it's easy for everyone to see quickly you are looking for a response.

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