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Hi, IPers!

I hope you are all having a great morning! I was able to get up early, which felt great.

Thanks to SarahJ86 and mars783 for your responses. It gets frustrating to post in this forum and not have a response. Is that because I am using Alternatives? Should I be posting my "Daily" posts to another thread?

mars783, thanks for the encouragement to talk with my surgeon. I will put some thought in to what I should ask him.

SarahJ86, you make a great point about the hunger induced from medications. That is also something to think about.

Finale, I love your attitude. Thanks for your post about your exercise working well for you. What a great result from talking to the strangers at Ruby Tuesday. I am not sure I would have put the right spin on the situation like you did. That is awesome!

44Forever, wow! That is a terrific loss! I am really happy for you and your progress over the holiday season.

Things I'm Most Looking Forward To:
More E-N-E-R-G-Y
Buying stylish, not oversized clothes
Being a healthy role-model for my nephews, students, and godson
Horsebackriding without guilt
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