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Good morning to you all. It is chilly this morning and windy again but no rain. We have to go out and get the stuff for Jack to work on the hose in the bulkhead and we are going to check out dishwashers and storm doors too. Both of our need replacing and the back one looks like just what it is, they we live in the hood. They are both iron, who thought that was a good idea with our moisture here I'll never know, but part of it rusted completely out and one day just fell right out! We have never had storm windows or even screens in the one in the back so the inner door takes a beating when it rains. It is time to replace all that stuff. I know what I want so I am going to check Lowes and Home Depot.

I have my preop appt this next Friday so I have to remember to keep the car. I take it so infrequently that I am always afraid I will forget when I do need it.

Jean: I was sitting in the recliner this morning with the Ipad thinking, "Well I might as well get it over with." and went to Candy Crush and played my 5 and lost and was done with it. I am like you, I am not skillful, but lucky. I would suggest googling your level and watching the videos on how to beat it if you are stuck a long time. I had to do that to get past one of the levels as I just couldn't figure out how to do it. Wait until you get to 100. Starting with the next section they put bombs in with timers, UGH!!! I feel for you as my hair is very fine and thin. I have never had thick hair, but have lost hair because of meds. I can't do anything about that. The gal that does my hair always does such a terrific job that I don't mind paying the high price to get it done. Of course, having her color it might go by the wayside once Jack retires. It costs me $162 including tip every 8 weeks and that might be just too expensive. I may have to do my own coloring and have her continue to cut it.

Maggie: When do you guys think you will get out on the road and give up living in Kansas? We have two printers, one in Jack's office and a wireless one down here. The wireless one drives me nuts. Jack finally connected it directly to the hard drive because when it was wireless I kept having to uninstall and reinstall it all the time. I got fed up with it finally and blew my top and Jack took pity on me and connected it like a regular printer.

Well gals, have a nice Saturday. Faye
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