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Originally Posted by traveling michele View Post
I'm joining you! I've never calorie counted before but I need to see what I'm really doing.

And birchie... You've inspired me to start a streak of my own. I'm giving up grapes. I said it.
Michele, that's wonderful! Very good luck!

I focused on butter and peanut butter because I could see that eating them was where things started to go wrong, leading to eating too much. I've found that stopping eating butter and peanut butter has lead to my eating normal amounts. What's also helped enormously is that the SO and I have found time to sit down on Saturdays to plan our week's menus and associated shopping. This has meant focused shopping, and less anger/frustration on my part when I come to make the evening meal. We have also worked out a way whereby he makes the meal over the weekend and on Wednesday. All in all, my life feels as though it has much more space in it and that's very much how I like it.

Good luck with the calorie counting, everyone! I can't do that as I find it rather clogging up and irksome. And almost everything we eat is made from scratch and varies every time.

No butter or peanut butter on Friday. Streak is 24.

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