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I've read many but not all the responses but I have to disagree with many of them. Obesity, to me, is never just the persons fault. Now the solution IS very much personal, but not the 'condition'.

I am reading Salt, Sugar, Fat by Moss. It details much of the food industry since the 1940s. American companies have very conciously created the most addictive foods possible. They even have a name for the search for it, 'bliss point'. Food companies were behind the ridculing of sugar as a cause for heart disease and demonizing fat. Americans have followed advice and gotten sicker and bigger.

I often hear food companies just give people what they want. Really? Then why advertise? People want your stuff anyway right? Did you know for the past 30 years or so Phillip Morris, yes that one, owned Kraft and General Foods? They don't now but they did.

On the other hand I have heard people mention genes a lot. I think this is way overplayed. VERY few people were obese 100 years ago. Genes do not change that fast. I do think there is carb sensitivity but it is probably 80% of the population. We were never meant to eat that amount of sugar/carbs we do now. But that is great news. We are not fated to be overweight.
If we change our eating and move more.

It was very powerful to me to understand how toxic the food environment is. Especially in America. It gave me extra incentive and frankly anger to 'resist'. Now I still had to change. I cant wait for the food companies to 'play nice'. They aren't. But knowing they are trying their best to make me a food addict was incredibly powerful for me to resist them.

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