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[QUOTE=FutureFitChick;4927240]Hi, IPers!

I would really like to get back in the habit of regular posting, but with my work schedule, I am not sure that is realistic. I have a bad pattern of setting up unrealistic expectations in about every area of my life and then disappointing myself. I have gained back some of weight that I had gotten rid of "forever". But, it only is "forever" if you stick with the healthy habits, right? I got up early this morning, which felt great, but then over indulged in an off-plan breakfast. I am being accountable here! I have been trying to decide if I should go back on Phase I or not right now. It may not be the best time, but I am impatient for the weight to be gone!

Exercise right now is pre-hab (PT). I fell skiing just before Christmas, fractured my tibia, completely tore my ACL, partially tore my MCL and meniscus, and damaged the surrounding muscles. Surgery is next week... For now, I am in relatively little pain. So I am tempted to prep a bunch of food so that after my surgery when I can't access the kitchen on my own, I can go through Induction. Does that sound stupid? My only concern is the dairy. I have always been a consummate dairy consumer, and until now I have never broken anything. I don't know if it is just bad luck now, of if IP (Alternatives) and the lack of regular exercise made me predisposed to the injury. (I am thinking calcium and vitamin D in particular.) I was taking calcium supplements fairly regularly, but was less in the habit after I moved on from Phase I.

Also, on Phase I before I had started out with EAS drinks and PureProtein bars. As I progressed, I was using very little of those and more and more of the products available at Nashua. I was pretty good about checking labels and making sure I was selecting non-restricted and restricted foods fairly close to the IP label nutrition. But, my weight loss slowed and eventually stalled for a long time. I may go back to just the EAS drinks and PureProtein bars for my IP foods. (It may also be much easier on my husband while I recover.)

Wound healing requires optimal nutrition, including adequate calories. Although IP is muscle-sparing, they don't claim to be 100% so. I'd suggest getting some input from your surgeon as to when would be a good time for IP relative to surgery. You are pumped to start your weight loss but don't short yourself for getting the very best result from your surgery.

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