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[QUOTE=FutureFitChick;4927240]Hi, IPers!

I would really like to get back in the habit of regular posting, but with my work schedule, I am not sure that is realistic. I have a bad pattern of setting up unrealistic expectations in about every area of my life and then disappointing myself. I have gained back some of weight that I had gotten rid of "forever". But, it only is "forever" if you stick with the healthy habits, right? I got up early this morning, which felt great, but then over indulged in an off-plan breakfast. I am being accountable here! I have been trying to decide if I should go back on Phase I or not right now. It may not be the best time, but I am impatient for the weight to be gone!

Exercise right now is pre-hab (PT). I fell skiing just before Christmas, fractured my tibia, completely tore my ACL, partially tore my MCL and meniscus, and damaged the surrounding muscles. Surgery is next week... For now, I am in relatively little pain. So I am tempted to prep a bunch of food so that after my surgery when I can't access the kitchen on my own, I can go through Induction. Does that sound stupid? My only concern is the dairy. I have always been a consummate dairy consumer, and until now I have never broken anything. I don't know if it is just bad luck now, of if IP (Alternatives) and the lack of regular exercise made me predisposed to the injury. (I am thinking calcium and vitamin D in particular.) I was taking calcium supplements fairly regularly, but was less in the habit after I moved on from Phase I.

Also, on Phase I before I had started out with EAS drinks and PureProtein bars. As I progressed, I was using very little of those and more and more of the products available at Nashua. I was pretty good about checking labels and making sure I was selecting non-restricted and restricted foods fairly close to the IP label nutrition. But, my weight loss slowed and eventually stalled for a long time. I may go back to just the EAS drinks and PureProtein bars for my IP foods. (It may also be much easier on my husband while I recover.)

Hi Futurefitchick. I can totally relate to you. In the past I tore my ACL and both miniscuses in my right knee. It would be a really tough choice whether or not you want to start Phase I at this time. You have to be in the right place mentally and totally commit. Of surgery is so soon do you think this is the optimal time to recommit yourself to this? What about after surgery? It would only stall it two weeks or so. I remember after my surgery I was hungry all the time because the medications I were on kept me up. I couldn't sleep at all and so I was starving from lack of sleep. And then all that work just to move around in crutches. On IP you're supposed to do miniimal excersizing. Well using crutches is work. Anyway I wish you the best with your surgery and if you go back kn Phase I we will be here if you decide that!! 😊

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