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Originally Posted by IPMaryD View Post
Day 5 and I am working my way through the bag of food sampler pack... It is amazing to me how motivating reading this forum is every night. Tomorrow I am going out for dinner for the first time on plan. I hope I don't screw it up! I think I am in ketosis because of the funny taste in my mouth and endless thirst and slight headache.... could I be right? Thanks everyone!
It sounds like ketosis to me, though I don't recall being thirsty. Are you getting enough water & getting in the vitamin, mineral, salt supplements?

Going out to eat is always a challenge for me. If you can check the menu online beforehand and planning ahead helps. Don't be shy about asking the staff to prepare your food IP friendly, like hold the sauce, lemon instead of dressing, etc. Fill up on water if you can before going.

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