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Pamela, I use the Atkins shakes when I am pressed for time or the Body Fortress Whey Protein powder at Walmart. I use soy milk and usually one of the low carb yogurts from Kroger if I have them. (Kroger is the only store that I know of that have a low carb yogurt and they are very good.) I'll also use frozen peaches. I add spinach to my smoothies it makes them look like puke but doesn't change the flavor at all. Pamela I use to eat the veggie chips at Dollar Tree (the whole bag in one sitting) but they are made with enriched flour with other additives which I think brings on the cravings. The EYV chips are made with a blend of beans (navy, red and black), brown and white rice, sunflower oil, non-GMO canola oil, vegetable blend of carrot, sweet potato, kale, knojac, spinach, broccoli, tomato, beet, shitake, and mushroom, so when I eat the serving I am done. I also like that I can pronounce and recognize everything in them. I'm not sure why that is starting to matter to me but it is.

Serving sz 13 chips
calories 130
fat 7g
sodium 140mg
carbs 16g
fiber 3g
sugar 2g
protein 3g

Give them a shot and see which ones you like better. Those veggie sticks remind me of cheddar fries, not good for me mentally at all. I just see green, light yellow and orange cheddar fries and they keep me wanting more.

Steph on the ticker and the pound, the 1.5 up is water so no worries there. You're doing great

Missy way to go on the pound and on the 5lbs GONE What is the name of the protein powder you use? Is it expensive? I could sure use that kind the Walmart brand is only $16. I checked some of the other shakes and the sugar content was crazy. I'll have to look up the pure protein and compare, thanks for the info. Missy I forget about the red pepper even though I eat the red pepper hummus, silly huh I love hummus, it's the perfect snack in my opinion

Gary I'm sorry I just remembered after reading your post about the colonoscopy. Glad your pulse is back to normal, hope you're feeling back to the norm soon . Nice weigh in

Jacqui it's all we can do to stay sane on this journey

I want something to eat but don't know what and don't want to eat the wrong thing. We are getting down to the knitty gritty here with food so next week may be a struggle. I was wanting to start 30DS but I'm not sure how to track the burn on MFP and I really would like to know what the burn is for it. I can do a WATP but sometimes Nike+ doesn't count all of the steps so I don't know but I'm gonna do something before this evening is over. Not gonna do 30DS those jumping jacks kill my knees and I can't do push ups so Wii fit or WATP it is

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