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Good Afternoon/Evening, Flowers! The wind is blowing and we are in an advisory until Monday morning sometime. The thermometer says it is 41 but the wind makes it seem much colder. I spent a little over 3 hours getting a perm this morning. This gal is so slow and it looks like sh*t when she's done. I come home and redo it the way I always wear it. After 35 years you'd think she'd notice! I wish I could go without but my hair is thin and there is no body to it whatsoever. This afternoon I braved the grocery store with all the other crazy people who crawl out of the woodwork on Friday afternoons. Not sure when supper will be or what it will be as Bob is out at the farm helping dismantle a tractor cab on his friend's tractor.

"Gma" -- I'm stuck on Level 92 in that stupid Candy Crush game. I get mad and leave it for a couple days but always go back. I win the tough ones purely by accident; no skill on my part! Glad you are enjoying your iPad! My new cell phone came and I am embarrassed to go back to the store with it. When we were there Monday the gal popped the battery out of mine and then checked the charge before she processed the request for a new phone. Whatever she did has made it work on that full charge all week. I've sent and received several text messages from the kids and it just finally moved off a full charge. It was still under warranty so I suppose they will just give me the new one after they transfer all the #s and pictures over. Bob wonders if the battery was never installed properly in the first place.

I came upstairs to round up laundry so better get moving. Enjoy your evening!

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