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Originally Posted by smashlers View Post
I attribute it all to the low carb experiment of the week. So all week I ate yogurt with fruit on the bottom (non-fat) and fruit with lunch and still lost, so it has to be a gluten thing. I don't know enough about gluten and intolerances, but I am a really slow loser and a -2.2 drop is SO. HUGE. for me.
It is not necessarily a gluten thing. It is most likely related to low carb. When I go grain free and refined sugar free, even if I still eat fruits and veggies, my carbs go down by a lot. I do count calories and carbs through MFP so I can see this clearly.

The point is that when you reduce the amount of carbs you are eating your body releases water that was holding certain carbs in the body. This is why people rapidly lose weight the first few weeks of eating low carb. Some of the loss is due to reduced calories. But, most of it is due to the release of the water.

After the first few weeks of low carb, if one goes back to eating a typical level of carbs there will usually be a big gain. Again, this is also due to that same water being added back in.

The thing is that this water gain or loss isn't fat loss. It looks nice to see it on the scale, but it is mostly water loss. It isn't because of you going gluten free. It is because of you reducing your carb intake.

(I'm not saying that you don't have a gluten sensitivity - many people do. Just that the big drop is more likely to be due to releasing of water due to reduced carb intake).
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