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Originally Posted by alaskanlaughter View Post
wow thank you for the essay!! I didn't realize those responses to my question were there since I've been so busy lately

I choose not to do free weights because I am terrified of re-injuring my back...I've been sidelined from all activity often over the years because of ruptured discs in my lower back...I've been told by medical professionals that another ruptured disc (which could happen from coughing, it has before) would likely end up in me being medically flown to a bigger city for back surgery...I also have scoliosis and an extra vertebrae which makes my lower back a tangle

i'm not willing to risk another back wrong move with free weights could be I stick with the weight machines instead
I'm glad you said this (although i prefer free to machine) because the huge push now (and probably legitimately so) is a lot more strength training and a lot less cardio which is doable for probably a hefty portion of the population but for people like you and me, it is not

i have knee problems to the point where i even had to quit walking outside, i now do a treadmill and no way can i do ANY lower body weights, even stretching can aggravate knee problems however i do upper body weights--sorry to butt in--just venting!
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