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Battling Binge Eating
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I agree with Fiona. I think that binge eating, or any eating disorder, is a very individualized issue for each person. There are different opinions, there are different things that work for everyone. I can agree with what orangesmartie says as well because if it works for her, than it works. Its as simple as that. But, in my case nothing has ever completely worked.

I did really think about about the differences between habit and addiction and then got technical and looked it up

Addiction - there is a psychological/physical component; the person is unable to control the aspects of the addiction without help because of the mental or physical conditions involved.
Habit - it is done by choice. The person with the habit can choose to stop, and will subsequently stop successfully if they want to. The psychological/physical component is not an issue as it is with an addiction.

I've tried looking back as far as I can remember to the very first time I experienced binge eating, I can't. I can see how a habit, can develop INTO an addiction or a compulsion. I understand the connect, when I was a teen I began smoking. I wasn't addicted on the first cigarette and it was a habit, as time past, and grew into years, I had a physical need or addiction for nicotine. It may be that binge eating starts out small, just as everything else and grows. There are so many things that can influence the way people behave. But I have tried over and over for years to conquer my binge eating deciding that this is it, I can control it etc. Doesn't work for me. I believe that binge eating is an eating disorder and it ties into so many other things for each person.

I care about how everyone is doing here, and I know that the others do as well. We all have offered support, encouragement, and listen to each other and do it respectfully. I like that we can disagree and be ok. I post based on my own personal experiences and what binge eating has been like for me. I am sure that there are others here that can relate to everything we say. I think orangesmartie said it best when she said

t probably didn't start out that way, but now it has become an automatic reaction to some things. The only reason I now call it a 'habit' is because I am more mindful of my behaviour and why I am doing it. At the same time, when the urge to binge comes on, i feel completely out of control, it pushes me to get in the car and drive to the shops for a mountain of sweet food. So there perhaps two types of binge behaviours - that urge that seems to come from nowhere and nothing but what i crave will suffice and those binges which aren't driven by urge, but driven by a habit, the memory in the brain of 'when i sit and watch xxxxx show, i eat xxxx'.
I have lived this as well but when I feel the ugre to binge it seems that the feeling is there first and then the actions follow. I have been in a middle of a binge and then ran down the street buying everything I can get my hands on that is covered in chocolate or peanut butter. I have been in that situation but at the same time while that is going on there is a huge physical and mental reaction happening to me when I binge. It is a total uncontrollable compulsion to act the binge out, I think we are both probably speaking of the same thing just using different words. I use addiction, disorder, compulsion, because my binge eating has just taken over my life. For me habit just isn't a strong enough word for what happens (to me personally). I do have moments when I am trying to control the binge eating and a strong emotion (anger) can seem to suddenly make me snap and then its like I have boiled over and what every it is that makes me binge finally has reached the level it needs to come on..does that make sense?

But now, I have an understanding of how i make it stop. What the urges are. And thinking about it in that sciency-logical way so far makes it easier than thinking i'm emotionally deficit in some way. But I have battled with it on a couple of occasions this week (yes i've only been trying a few days, but thats a win for me!). The urges are still there, growling in my head, but i feel better equipped to deal with them. I don't know how long it will last. But should I fail, i will pick myself up and start again. I am not suddenly cured
I agree with what your saying and its a set of skills that I've tried to aquire myself. I have tried to understand the binge, why I do it, and I've had some success for short amounts of time controlling it when the urge is there-but only when it is a small urge, not boiling over or screaming at me. I suppose it means that somewhere I have made some success because I am able to control it even the littlest bit is positive right>?

Youve said everything I wanted to say only YOU made sense. I tend to ramble and go on. I try to sort thru the jumbled mess while I am typing. Its a way to think. I guess I also should have explained the post that I had read, what I was trying to explain. I also want to say again that I do agree with what you said. I feel my binge eating is two sided, or a zillion sided at times, I think I am prone to this binge eating due to whatever mental makeup I have and environmental, emotions, etc. I think for me what Ive been trying to say is my binge encompasses everything and I can see that there are the two types of binging. The post I had read was one sided and said that binging is the result of one thing, not taking into account the individual differences we all face, triggers, etc. Its to complicated.

I also after reading your post am looking at it and explaining it to myself. I want to develop the habit of exercising, getting out and walking each and every day. I want that habit to develop into something that is automatic. I think that if you dissect it enough and really break it down the binge began once, that action of binge eating helped and made me feel better to a point, I then repeated that behavior over and over until it became an automatic response. The only problem with the binge eating for me (and I am sure for others) is eventually the other issues with it came, the emotional hate towards myself, the feeling of fat, hiding food, etc. those down feelings didn't start out with the binge eating or one never would have repeated the behavior. I see a great deal of similarities in addicts and the way that works.
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