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lulubellebc Great job!

Atarimae Yay for getting back into the 40s! That's so awesome about the tops! I look at clothing from Asian markets sometimes and its so cute I'm always afraid though to order anything because I feel like a giant amazon women compared to asian women and that I won't fit into anything I think clothing NSVs are the BEST.

So eating on plan has been good and the scale is still slowly working its way down. I went all the way up to 150.6(crazy since last friday I was 144.4) and now its back down to 147. I think TOM will be here next week though because my skin is breaking out and I've been having cramps. Lame. I've been making sure to drink lots of water to try and minimize bloating. I feel like I look slimmer though...people commented last week that I was looking thinner. Hopefully I will get a whoosh soon!!!

So excited for Reistrella's pyramid challenge starting on Monday! I've already been following the first week for eating for the most part so that it won't be too shocking when I start.

This weekend I only get my bf tonight and sat Still trying to decide what to do sunday. I have a bunch of recipes I need to make for the week. Also have some homework of course, and practicing as well. I really want to go hiking this weekend though. hmmm. Anyone have fun plans for the weekend?
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