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GooD morning, Coaches.

Glad that my Wardrobe Organizing Project resonated with some of you. I am happy to say I finished Phase 1 Yesterday. Two more bags were donated (and that was after I had been ruthless last month). But I was just overcome with willingness.

A good example of the willingness is I have one draw for workout clothes in my walk in. 4 pairs of yoga pants would not fit. One of those pants I wore last week and I thought "Wow, I always choose this pair last because they are faded and ten years old but there is nothing really wrong with them." I realized three pairs fit my laundry cycle. So out the faded pants went. The whole day was like that. Is it old? Is it ugly. Maybe someone else is just waiting for my new, gapping button down. It felt terrific.

I am ashamed to say that when I clean my husband's half of the closet (usually untouched because he is a mini hoarder and I just let him deal with it) there was 1 inch of dust. A visual for you: his red beret from his eagle scout days was GRAY. So everything that needed to be preserved is now going to the dry cleaners. And all other memorabilia is in acid free boxes.

To answer FutureFitChick's question about tossing larger sizes: I had a huge awakening when I first started Beck. I realized that hanging onto clothes that were too big was my mind's subconscious belief that I could never be small. I started to let this belief go by saying to myself "I will only have clothes in my closet that look good." When I starter Beck I deliberately bought two brand new pairs of size 12/14 capris knowing I would be out of them soon. But they looked nice and got me through summer and fall. Because of Project 333, I knew I didn't have to buy much else. I felt well dressed for three whole months and was back down to a 10 by winter. I donated those new pants even though they were hardly worn to show my commitment to never going back.

This started me on my slow road. It took me another year and a half to move to a solid 8 but I got there and loved it. This winter I found the perfect Talbot size for me - curvy 6 dress pants. I invested in two nice, seasonless pairs and those,when paired with my Jones New York suit pants (which were listed on my advantage cards ), make me all set for work.

Yesterday was OP. Today credit step class and phase 2 of moving all my sewing yardage and "stuff" into my huge chest of drawers.

Big push for eating as to sit down for every bite. I am getting lazy.

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