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Originally Posted by ged630 View Post
Hi!! I am new to this site. I tried to start the IP program in April of last year. I never stuck to it more than a week. I restarted 1/2/14. I am feeling really good about it this time. Down 8 pounds so far with many more to go. I have PCOS and my OB-GYN said this was a good plan for people struggling with this...

May I ask you guys about your coaches? Have you ever talked to them about when you mess up a bit? I have always been all or nothing...if I eat 1 chip I figure why not eat the rest of the bag since I already messed up. Then for the next meal why not have a pizza. I am trying really hard to stop doing this. Yesterday I talked to my coach about it and she said "1 Bite, Lick, or Taste kicks you out of Ketosis for 3 days" Is this true?? I understand being in Ketosis is the goal of this plan, but you can loss weight without being in Ketosis....I just didn't feel like she was very supportive. She also said if I am not 100% comitted that I am just wasting my money.
One BLT won't take you out of ketosis but it sets up behavior to do more damage (I had a bite, so I might as well eat it all. Then, I ate all that so I might as well have more today). Refraining from the BLTs builds the willpower muscle we all need to stay OP.

Originally Posted by amyniagara View Post
My coach told me that I could add more olive oil and coconut oil...she told me that fat doesn't make us fat and this made me enjoy the diet a LOT more because roasted veggies were tastier and salads were better too. The way to feel like you are indulging is to start using IP recipes and have fun with them...when you let yourself enjoy IP others will think you are a superstar and you will lose lose lose!
Your coach is right. Fat isn't what makes us fat (unless it is mixed with carbs...then it is horrible! "They" have lied to us for decades about the horrors of fat when it was the carbs the whole time - or the fat/carb combo). Dr Tein's first book had fat measured in Tablespoons, not teaspoons.
You are absolutely right about the recipes. I KNOW I wouldn't have had success without them!
Losing weight is hard. Maintenance is hard. Being fat is hard. Pick your hard. (-Ishbel)
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