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Originally Posted by Deana509 View Post
Hello all!
Sorry it's been awhile since I have posted.
I had my WI this morning, and I melted off 2.4 lbs this week! I have officially lost over 70 lbs now! I really need to get measurements done, because when I was slowing down these last few weeks, I noticed my clothes getting looser.
Man o man, the compliments I have gotten lately, because people are seeing me for the first time in over a month now that I am back at school.
I was looking at pictures of me from my freshman year here at college, and I was actually surprised... My face looked like a volleyball... I couldn't recognize myself, and I am so happy I got the opportunity to do what I'm doing. I'm so grateful for all of your support as well!
Happy Friday!
That is so wonderful. I know you and I started the program right at the same time and I've followed your progress along with my own. Such a great feeling - be proud!!

Wk1: -5.8; Wk2: -1.4; Wk3: -4.6; Wk4: -3.8; Wk5: -3.6;
Wk6: -1.8; Wk7: -3.6; Wk8: -2.4; Wk9: -2.8; Wk10: -2.2;
Wk11: -1.6; Wk12: No WI; Wk13: -5.0; Wk14/15: -3.6;
Wk 16: -1.2; Wk 17: -2.2; Wk 18: No WI; Wk 19: -3.2;
Wk 20: -1.0; Wk 21: -5.4; Wk 22: -1.6; Wk 23: -2;
Wk 24: -0.8; Wk 25: -2.2; Wk 26: -0.4; Wk 27: -0.4;
Wk 28: -1.7; Wk 29: +1.5

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