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Originally Posted by joysh View Post
Hi All!

Mars, 65, Fitmom, and others who have been on the Reboot thread with me: It's really great how IP has given us the tools to take off this weight - and keep it off, even after a small gain. I'm also back at my goal weight, although I still want to go down 3 more pounds. I'm more relaxed about even the reboot, as I know what it takes and I know this is a long-term life plan. Yes, the pounds didn't magically return! But --- I know that I have to remain careful.

It's snowing here in central Louisiana and I can't stop smiling. They've already cancelled school for tomorrow. We'll have a few hours of snow flurries. All of you northerners: Please stay warm and safe!!!
Hi joysh, hope you have fun today! Hats off to you for biting the bullet and getting back to your goal. Same here with trying to get 3 more lbs off.

I think 'be careful' will be my mantra, as I found it really hard to cope with hunger pangs while getting into ketosis this time. And I had awakened the craving, binging part of me ---still working on taming those urges so that I don't have to reboot too often. It's a lot more enjoyable to tackle the life eating plan & work on behavioral issues with all the weight off, is it not?

Thanks, Maile for recommending Brain Over Binge!
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