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Originally Posted by Lady67 View Post
Well folks, I am back from my trip. I have good news and I have bad news.

Good news, I was able to take my HNS along. But on the bad news side, we had so many last minute "trips" that I was not always able to take my HNS. Being on Meta-Balance instead of Meta-trim, I take my HNS between meals, not during meals.

The place we stayed also fried a LOT of food. Even their unbreaded fish was fried. :/

So, I did gain 2 lbs during the 10 days I was gone.

But to end with a positive note, the trip was wonderful. I am relaxed, and ready to tackle anything. I have successfully started to be back on the plan and do not feel like I am missing anything - even with one of my colleague eating sugar cookies and jelly beans.

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have an excellent weekend!!
What a great and positive attitude.. With this, you will be fine.. The key words here are I HAVE SUCCESSFULLY STARTED TO BE BACK ON PLAN. Great ..

Glad you had a great trip, that is what is important..

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