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Default Determination Muscle

Originally Posted by Ruth Ann View Post
Sorry you're having a rough time. But good for you for recognizing that you were overeating for emotional reasons rather than hunger. I cannot think of one situation in my life that was improved by overeating. Learning to be in control of the food and not the other way around is a great feeling - takes some practice but you can do it!

And yes, eating off plan will probably set you back a few days but just stay OP and you will be fine. Use the "slip" to make you more determined to do IP right. Remember how you felt eating of plan the next time you feel like doing it. And remember, the more you use your determination muscle the stronger it gets and the easier it is to stay OP.
RuthAnn - I love your use of the phrase 'determination muscle'. What a great visual that gives me to remind me that I have to practice and practice being firm with myself when in moments that could bring on emotional eating.

That is a great thing for me to remember and to call into my mind. You are so right that there has never been a moment when emotional eating has made things better, only worse, often starting a landslide of eating.

Thank you, as always.

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