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Someone had mentioned Bubbies pickles - I found them almost by accident yesterday. WOW! I have never tasted anything like that. Pretty powerful stuff but it cleansed my palate so that my hunger went away, so well worth it.

Today, we/I should finally have the house 100% ready for the market on Monday. I have one last painting job, a few quick sweeps and it is done.

I was far from ready yesterday with a huge list of to-dos's, but I thought I had it all under control. We were scheduled to have the photographer come today, Friday, and I was working my way down the list. But in the meanwhile, I decided to use my day at home to do a pot of Lisa's chicken broth and a roast for my husband. Add starting to clean and sweep out the garage and my schedule was set.

At about 1PM, I get a call from the agent, who asks what I think of the fact that we have a sunny day for the first time in weeks. Yes. Well, so to be safe, how about if the photographer comes a day early while the sun is shining. for three hours, I run around the house finishing my to-do list so that the house was sparkling. Chicken and roast off the burners, hide in the oven for pictures. Laptop under the bed. Mail in a drawer. Shampoo and soap and shower stuff in a drawer. Need I say more?

Finally the photographer comes and he is actually a fascinating older character, but very intellectual, fun to talk to. He did comment that he wished other knew how to stage a house as well as I had! I guess in a weird way, that made me feel good about the crazy day.

As a result, today is a take it easy day as my reward. Husband off to Oregon for a funeral so I have the entire day and place to myself.

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