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High five to AZtricia for enjoying pizza night. Well-done. So what's your plan to break through on the ARCs? You could post a few here every day to get over the hump. I would join you. You could make a commitment here to read them at a specific time tomorrow. What's your reminder system? Anything to tweak there? I have my iPad play chimes at me twice a day. (The first day I forgot I had done that, and I actually went looking for the really persistent and annoying wind chime that would not shut up! Inconsiderate neighbors! Oh. Never mind.)

I’m very glad that Cheryl got her dancing carrot. Even if your weight does bounce around tomorrow, it’s bouncing around at a new, lower weight. I also like Project 333 that Maryann mentioned. I’m not implementing to the letter but I did put away a bunch of my least favorite clothes. It was great! I had to dig out something from the put-away-drawer (my girls wanted me to put fancy play clothes on) and saw a pair of pants that I hate but was determined to wear because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them, and I was so glad that they’re not in my closet, being ugly, and luring me into dressing ugly on principle. Really, what was I thinking? And it’s made me more creative with what’s left in my closet. Win. Cheryl: Credit for meeting your steps goal. How many do you shoot for? Maryann and BBE: I am so inspired by you maintainers. And really all the people that keep sticking to it.

Beth: Credit for tracking it, credit for laying down the plans for tomorrow and taking actions, credit for just moving on from eating more than you wanted (and not letting be an excuse for derailing completely, although since you’ve been at this for a year I imagine you are very good at persisting. I hope to be as persistent.)

Nationalparker’s comment on hunger makes me thinking of learning, “Hunger is not an emergency.” If you had asked me, I wouldn’t have said that I thought it was, but it is such a calming thought for me that I think I must have just been deluding myself previously.

Day 8 is make time for dieting. Ok. 7-8 am is for exercising. 12-12:30 (last half of my lunch hour) is for reviewing the book and working on my workbook. I will put that on my work calendar right after this post. 8-9 pm is for talking with my coaches, and when I get to Day 14, for writing down my meal plans (I already track using my fitness pal, advanced tracking shouldn’t be too hard I hope), and reviewing my check lists.
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