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Red face Good Friday Morning everyone :)

Well the last week has just sucked big time. Bad things happen in "3s".
First last week the kids broke my laptop (milk got spilled on it by little peanut)
Then my cell phone broke (the port for the charger is loose and no longer works) so I have been with out a phone for a week and will not get one until next Wed or Thursday (it is being replaced by the Geek Squad from sprint) so until then no phone which DD and little peanut are the culprits for it breaking. LIttle bug just snatches it when he climbs the counters to see what's up there and grabs it and the USB gets yanked out, AND dd never leaves it aloe all she wants to do is play games on it and grabs it when I try to charge it, she will snatch it up the second my back is turned and not let it charge!

AND in Feb. the kids and I were to accompany DH on his trip to Dallas. I was so looking forward to this. I have been in a funk for the past 3 weeks, I am just feeling blue (my theory is SAD). And someone threw a wrench into this trip which he had the go ahead from the Sr. Global director to bring us along. Said dir. goes on vaca after giving the approval for expenses per employee, then dh's manager undermines said Dir. cutting the approved budget in HALF and having DH share a rental car with the only other employee who is going!!!! I was looking forward to 8 days of no Artic weather, the possibility to get outside (even 30 degrees is balmy for me!) so um yeah.

I finally got to Sams yesterday to get my EAS shakes!!! The kids had no school yesterday and out early Wed due to the extreme cold and ground blizzard warnings!!!

I had my WI in today and I am amazingly down 1.6 lbs some how some way.

OUr annv. is Feb 5th and I found Dhs gift and I need to get it a couple of days before. So I hope things get better.

Today the temp is going to be 32 and sunny!!! I am taking little peanut out for a short walk with him on the sled- IF the wind is not blowing!

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