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Nice surprise that I was down 1 pound this AM, after posting last night that I was the same all week.

PaisleyMama - I know exactly what you mean. That didn't happen to me this diet, but all previous diets I would get around 170-175 and feel pretty good. I would fit into a 14 which I am okay with and even though that was still overweight, I just couldn't keep going. When I started this diet in July my goal was 165 but I really didn't think I would get below the 170 because I hadn't been there is over 24 years (pre-kids). I have no idea why this time I got below the 172 and now even lower. I'm still in shock myself over it. Sometimes something just clicks in the brain, or it is the right time in our lives, not sure. But you know your body best and if you think you need to slow down, you are probably right.

Sorry - don't have time to get out individual shouts. But I love reading the losses and how everyone is dealing with the daily struggles! It would be fun on Feb 1st to add up all that was lost by this group in the month of January.

Hit goal on 2/21/2014.
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