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Hi folks,

I'd like to join this thread. I've been using an eating window for months now. I have decades of experience with losing weight a variety of ways, but none yet with permanent maintenance. I am primarily trying to get into a permanent Way of Eating.

It seems like the best eating window for me is 6PM - 8:30 PM. So, it's basically one meal a day. I keep my window open longer than necessary for a meal so that I don't feel the urge to over-stuff myself at dinner (because I know I can eat more a little later). But it turns out that I don't usually make use of the last hour and a half of my window.

In order to try to find something that will work for me in maintenance, I have not been counting calories. It would be great if I could get in the habit of doing that forever, but I know that I won't. Been there, not done that.

I do have some "eating guidance" that I use to make sure my food choices naturally stay within a reasonable calorie budget. I did retroactively tally one day's count and it was around 1500. So far, my weight is trending downward (albeit more slowly than on a stricter diet). But I can really imagine myself adopting this as a permanent change, unlike any of the diet approaches I have tried in the past.

The squishy part is the eating guidance, which substitutes for calorie counting and is very specific to me. It's a little challenging to hit the right note. I am trying to stay accountable and actually lose weight while adopting a permanent life style change.

Is anyone else here doing anything even remotely similar?
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