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When I read that this is a review of previous research (not "new" research) and the reviewers say they found "no consistent and compelling evidence," that leads me to believe that the results of the research were inconsistent individually or as a whole.

That is some studies may have found increases in calories, others may have found decreases, others may have found no effects, or even within a study, the average effect was negligible, but individual results varied.

In other words a more truthful response may have been sometimes yes, sometimed no, or even "we have no blipping clue."

I know from personal experience that water exercise does make me incredibly hungry, but I can overcome/compensate for this effect by taking a nap rather than eating after a swim.

I didn't discover this on my own, but rather it was enforced by my mother when I was a young (obese) child. When I came home hungry from swimming lessons, my mother would tell me I wasn't hungry, I was tired and would make me take a nap instead of being allowed to binge.

It felt very unfair at the time, but I did learn that I would wake up from the nap hungry, but not as hungry as before the nap.

Outdoor exercise in cold weather does the same thing (with my arthritis and fibro, I don't do much cold weather, outdoor exercise, so this particular issue really doesn't really come up anymore).

I do still swim though, and sitting in the hot tub afterward also seems to help reduce post-swim hunger (I may or may not still need a nap).

I think the best assumption we all can make is that we need to be aware of, and prepared for the possibility of post-workout hunger, and deal with it (should it occur) when/if it happens.
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