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Here is a little article on the benefits of walking! Even if you go slow and start with a little bit, it will help. Soon you will be walking miles! You don't have to be a speed walker or anything, just walk normally!

I've been right around 1300 all week but been doing 3 mile walks so that still puts me under. No scale movement this week but if I can do 1/2 even every other week, that's fine for the last 5. I'm repeating meals too much! Same lunch all week. I need to mix it up and same dinner 3 nights in a row. It just doesn't bore me, and makes the counting so easy! But I've learned the last few months I lose much better if I mix it up!

Loving my FitBit One! For me it does make me take stairs more and walk more.

Hit goal on 2/21/2014.
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